Fertility preservation strategy in advanced ovarian cancer: A case report


  • Derya Ozdemir Tas Ankara Bilkent City Hospital
  • Yasemin Yuksel Ankara Bilkent City Hospital
  • Zehra Kurdoglu Ankara Bilkent City Hospital




Immature teratoma, fertility preservation, pregnancy, live birth


Ovarian germ cell tumors arise from the primary germ cells located within the ovary. These tumors may manifest as either non-malignant, exemplified by mature teratomas, or malignant, dysgerminomas, yolk sac tumors, and mixed germ cell neoplasms. In this case presentation, we describe a patient who, at the age of 24, underwent a fertility-preserving approach (egg and embryo freezing) due to the suspicion of malignancy in the remaining ovary during routine check-ups, while in remission from an immature teratoma (grade 2). The patient received in vitro fertilization treatment, and a random-start ovarian stimulation protocol was applied with GnRH antagonist and aromatase inhibitor. Subsequently, egg retrieval and embryo freezing procedures were performed. After the removal of the suspected cyst and left salpingectomy operation six months later, the patient underwent a frozen embryo transfer. Pregnancy and live birth occurred for a woman who had been in ovarian cancer remission for ten years. This case report demonstrates that patients with malignant ovarian germ cell tumors can become pregnant and give birth if they wish.


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