Patient satisfaction after genital whitening with Fractionated Co2 Laser


  • Ayse Konac Gelisim Üniversity Health Faculty



Laser, Bleaching, Aesthetic Surgery, Genital Aesthetics, Genital Bleaching, Genital Bleaching


Aim: The results obtained with Fraction Carbon Dioxide Laser application, which is a minimally invasive method for those who have not had any disease in the genital area before but are disturbed by its appearance, and the patient satisfaction were evaluated afterwards.

Materials-Methods: For the study, retrospective data from the patient files of 57 patients who applied to the clinic and had genital Bleeching applied within the 7-year period between 2017 and 2023 were used. Demographic information of the patients and information about the satisfaction or complaints of the patients after the genital whitening procedure with CO2 Laser were obtained from the files. The data were organized and analyzed in the SPSS 26 program.

Results: Of those who attended the clinic, 51 (89.5%) people stated that they were satisfied with the procedure, and 1 (1.8%) person stated that they were not satisfied.

Conclution : Laser Genital Whitening is a non-invasive method and is a preferred procedure for both patients and physicians due to its ease of application and high patient satisfaction rate.


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